Gavin Johnson Personal Trainer

"I am currently one of the top javelin throwers in the country and have dedicated my life to sports and fitness. I have been personal training for over 10 years and my skills encompass a wide range of different training methods, originating from all of the various sports I have done during my life."

"Are you tired of the same old workout? Seeing the same faces in a boring gym environment, with no real goals to aim towards. Well look no further, I will be able to bring some life back into your training, with a wide range of sports specific training methods designed to your exact needs. If weight loss is your goal, I can help you achieve that; if you are preparing for a sporting event, marathon or looking to gain that extra yard on your opponent in your weekly football match I can help you do that.

Please contact me for a free complementary 30min session and I guarantee you will feel the difference after just one session.

I specialise in the following training methods;

Weight Loss

Muscle Gains

Strength and condition

Circuits and cross fit

Sports Specific

Combat Training

The venue I mainly train at is Crystal palace national sports centre. There are both indoor and outdoor tracks as well as a wide range of equipment for sports specific training.

I am fully qualified NVQ level 3 personal trainer.

Training with me will get you results that other personal trainers can’t achieve. With my wealth of knowledge of gym and sports specific training methods I can offer you a unique and fun way to losing weight and getting that dream body you have always wanted."

Contact Gavin here (ref massage-london)